Dance Inclusive: a project for the life.

This research has been presented at world conferences held in Australia, Canada and Spain. Below is the abstract of the research. 

The art propitiates to go beyond the architectural barriers and communication. It makes possible the creation of a dialogue between people. The proposal of the inclusive dance has appeared due to the increasing of a world-wide movement that has been occurring in creating programs that value the participation of all, in special people with impairment, as in social, educational and cultural activities.
The objective of this presentation is to narrate on the creation of Project Arteiros in São PauloBrazil as a proposal to work towards a Inclusive Arts Education.

- Publicação Anais -14TH DEAFBLIND INTERNATIONAL WORLD CONFERENCE - Austrália - October/ 2007;

- Workshop Dança:13th. Deafblind International World Conference on Deafblindness – Mississauga/Canada - August 5-10, 2003;-

- Pôster: 3º. Congresso IBEROAMERICANO de Comunicación Alternativa y Aumentativa y 1º. de Tecnologias de Apoyo para la Discapacidad - Madri/Espanha. Out/2000;

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